Summary: Key Factors of Adopting Inner Source


Key Factors for Adopting Inner Source


A number of organizations have adopted Open Source Software (OSS) development practice to support or augment their software development processes, a phenomenon frequently referred to as Inner Source. However the adoption of Inner Source is not a straightforward issue. Many organizations are struggling with the question of whether Inner Source is an appropriate approach to software development for them in the first place.


Presents a framework derived form the literature on Inner Source, which identifies key factors that need to be considered when implementing Inner Source.

Work done

A framework which identifies nine factors to be considered when implementing Inner Source.


  1. Create a framework derived from the literature on Inner Source.
  2. Apply the framework in three case studies
    • Philips Healthcare
    • Neopost Technologies
    • Rolls-Royce

Novel aspects

  1. Provide the first high-level overview of the Inner Source phenomenon, that is draws together relevant literature from both the open-source and Inner Source fields of study.
  2. Addresses a real-world problem by offering a framework that can be readily used by organizations.

Scientific or Engineering theoritical issue(s)

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